Plaster Ceiling Mesh

Plaster mesh - chicken wire, welded wire and expanded metal. As reinforcing material, plaster mesh is used for building internal and external decoration, especially in plastering work. Chicken mesh in old plaster was used to prevent cracking and hold the plaster together should the house experience settlement. The mesh also helps fight cracks caused by the twisting of plaster laths.

It can be used for the building inside and outside plaster reinforcement. As an essential piece of plastering work, it creates lasting plaster coating for absolutely all surfaces of concrete and brick to wood, and even plaster ceilings. Before plastering, the welded mesh must be mounted on wall by a solid dowel-nails or anchor bolts, which makes the plaster work easier. The welded wire mesh makes the plaster wall surface smooth and no crack, also excludes the impact of external factors on the wall